Photo by Erik Müller on Unsplash

Hello readers! It has been a long time since I have posted here on my site, but I am excited to announce that I have been hard at work on another project–a little book known as Haunted Racine. I will be publishing it with The History Press, one of my favorite imprints for local history, and one I’m sure you’ve seen on the shelves of your local stores before!

This book is still in-the-works and thus I would like to put out a small call to action: I need your paranormal experiences!

Currently I have a set list of locations I plan to cover/already have covered but if you have a lot of good history and stories about another Racine County location I would love to hear it! I can’t guarantee it will make the book, as it depends on the amount and quality of content I can get on a location, but please, shoot me a message if you think you have something. The list below will be updated every so often, so please check back!


-Brossman’s Bar


-Racine Country Club

-The Masonic Center

-Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery

-Longshot Vinyl, Roberta, Social on Sixth, Over Our Head Players

-D.P. Wigley

-DeKoven Center

-Burlington Cemetery

-Elmwood Plaza

-Hughes House B&B

-Regency Mall, Pritchard Park, & High Ridge Shopping Center

-Winslow Elementary School, St. Luke’s Hospital, & Surrounding Neighborhood

-The Racine Journal Times

-The SC Johnson Building

Email me @ rorygraves.uh@gmail.com