What is Unconventional Historian?

Hello curious visitor! My name is Rory and I’m a historian. For the past ten years I have been working in museums, which are a wonderful place to learn about how to make history both accessible and interesting. My specialty is public history–history that goes beyond the traditional academic format and settings. To me, public history is a chance to change the outdated stereotypes of history. It’s not just boring old dusty tomes and a thousand dates to remember. History is a story. History is many stories about many different things and I’d like to share those stories with you.

You will find that my blog is not set up in a traditional manner. That is because I do not tackle one single topic on this blog; it’s a space to learn and a bit experimental. I began this blog as an independent study course for my degree and initially focused on local history but as time has gone on that focus has shifted to include just about anything, both local and global.

Stay tuned for new articles and updates. This blog occasionally goes into hiatus, so you may want to subscribe to be notified when new content arrives!

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